Company Interior Design – SubjectWell
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Company Interior Design – SubjectWell


Company Interior Design Project Overview

Client: SubjectWell

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Services Rendered: Workspace Design


Turnkey Interiors embarked on an ambitious company interior design project to create an innovative workspace for SubjectWell, a leading clinical trials technology company. The primary goal of this project was to develop an environment that fosters productivity, collaboration, and employee well-being while reflecting on the client’s cutting-edge and client-focused ethos. The design had to seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetic appeal, ensuring that the space not only met the practical needs of a dynamic tech company but also provided a stimulating and inspiring atmosphere for its employees. Key features included open-plan work areas to enhance team collaboration, private meeting rooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology for confidential discussions, and ergonomic workstations to promote comfort and health. Additionally, the integration of natural light, modern design elements, and versatile communal spaces aimed to boost creativity and engagement among the staff, ultimately supporting the client’s mission of advancing clinical trials through innovation and efficiency.



  1. The primary objective with this company interior design project was to create a workspace that enhances productivity and fosters collaboration among employees.
  2. The design aimed to reflect the client’s innovative brand identity through modern and functional aesthetics.
  3. Ensuring the well-being of employees by incorporating ergonomic workstations and ample natural light was a key priority.
  4. The project sought to provide versatile and technology-equipped meeting spaces to facilitate seamless communication and confidential discussions.
  5. Creating a stimulating and inspiring atmosphere that boosts creativity and engagement among the staff was essential to support the client’s mission of advancing clinical trials through innovation.


Scope of Work

  1. Discovery Phase:

   – Client meetings to understand the brand, vision, and requirements.

   – Competitive analysis and market research on company interior design.

   – Establishing project goals and milestones.


  1. Design Phase:

   – Space planning and layout for company interior design for key areas (open-plan workspaces, private meeting rooms, communal spaces, and ergonomic workstations).

   – Creation of design mock-ups.

   – Finalising the visual style, colour palette, and selection of materials and furniture.


  1. Development Phase:

– Construction and installation of custom-designed furniture and fixtures.

– Implementation of advanced lighting systems and smart office technologies.

– Integration of high-quality materials and finishes to align with the design aesthetic.

– Coordination with contractors and vendors to ensure timely completion and adherence to company interior design specifications.


  1. Testing Phase:

   – Functionality testing to ensure all installed systems and equipment operate correctly.

   – Ergonomic assessment to confirm the comfort and usability of workstations and seating.

   – Lighting and acoustics testing to verify optimal working conditions.

   – Final walkthrough with the client to ensure all company interior design elements meet their expectations and requirements.


  1. Launch Phase:

   – Final walkthrough and approval from the client of company interior design. 

   – Completion of all finishing touches and last-minute adjustments.

   – Handing over the space to the client for occupancy.

   – Post-occupancy support and addressing any issues or adjustments needed.


Challenges and Solutions

  1. Challenge: Incorporating high-end materials and finishes without exceeding the budget.

   – Solution: Selected cost-effective alternatives that maintained the desired aesthetic and quality.

  1. Challenge: Ensuring the design of the workspace promoted both collaboration and privacy.

   – Solution: Designed a flexible layout with a mix of open-plan areas and private meeting rooms.

  1. Challenge: Creating a comfortable and ergonomic environment for all employees.

   – Solution: Installed adjustable workstations and ergonomic furniture to suit diverse needs.



The modern design and functionality of the new office space have garnered positive feedback. This positive reception has contributed to a significant increase in employee satisfaction and productivity. The enhanced company interior design improved client impressions that have translated into an increase in client inquiries, reflecting the success of the revamped workspace in aligning with the company’s objectives.


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