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Company Interior Design – GSK

Company Interior Design – GSK

Company Interior Design Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

TKI, in collaboration with JVL Architectural Design, undertook the exciting challenge of designing and constructing the new headquarters for GSK South Africa. The primary company interior design objective was to create a dynamic workspace that caters to diverse workstyles, fosters collaboration, and embodies the vibrant spirit of the company. This project aimed to integrate colourful breakaway spaces, outdoor meeting areas, and a state-of-the-art “Townhall” for both internal gatherings and international broadcasts, showcasing GSK’s commitment to innovation and creativity.

TKI collaborated with JVL Architectural Design to create the GSK South Africa headquarters, focusing on fostering creativity, collaboration, and productivity. This involved designing colourful breakaway areas for relaxation and informal interactions, integrating outdoor meeting spaces to connect with nature, and developing a versatile “Townhall” area for various events. Innovative materials were carefully chosen to enhance both aesthetics and functionality, reflecting GSK’s commitment to innovation and creativity.

The company interior design project proceeded through several key stages: initial consultation involved engaging GSK stakeholders to grasp their vision and requirements; followed by conceptualisation, where collaboration with JVL Architectural Design led to the development of designs aligning with GSK’s brand identity; design development entailed refining designs based on stakeholder feedback to meet functional and aesthetic needs; material selection involved exploring diverse options for visually striking spaces; construction oversight ensured accurate implementation of designs; and quality assurance was maintained through regular inspections to uphold high standards throughout the construction phase.

Key Features
1. Colourful Breakaway Spaces: Incorporate vibrant hues and playful elements to create inviting areas for relaxation and informal meetings.
2. Outdoor Meeting Areas: Design landscaped outdoor spaces equipped with seating and amenities to facilitate collaboration and creativity.
3. Versatile Town Hall: Create a spacious and flexible Townhall area equipped with advanced audiovisual technology for seamless communication during company meetings and events.
4. Innovative Materials: Utilise innovative materials such as eco-friendly finishes, modular furniture, and energy-efficient lighting solutions to enhance sustainability and functionality.

Innovative Materials
Utilising innovative materials like eco-friendly finishes, modular furniture, and energy-efficient lighting enhances sustainability and functionality in the workspace. These materials reduce environmental impact, promote healthier indoor environments, and improve efficiency through versatile and adaptable design.

Outdoor Meeting Areas
Designing landscaped outdoor spaces with seating and amenities facilitates collaboration and creativity in meetings. These outdoor meeting areas provide a refreshing environment for brainstorming sessions, team discussions, and client meetings, fostering a sense of openness and inspiration. With comfortable seating arrangements and well-equipped amenities, such as Wi-Fi access and shade structures, these outdoor spaces offer a versatile alternative to traditional indoor meeting rooms, encouraging innovation and productivity among team members. A perfect example of practical company interior design.

Colourful Breakaway Spaces
Incorporating vibrant hues and playful elements into breakaway spaces transforms them into inviting areas for relaxation and informal meetings. By infusing these spaces with colourful accents, such as bold furniture and lively artwork, a dynamic and energising atmosphere is cultivated, encouraging employees to recharge and engage in spontaneous interactions. These colourful company interior design breakaway spaces not only provide a refreshing escape from the daily grind but also foster creativity and collaboration, serving as catalysts for innovation and idea generation within the workspace.

The GSK South Africa headquarters company interior design project exemplifies TKI and JVL Architectural Design’s commitment to delivering creative and functional spaces that exceed client expectations. By incorporating colourful company interior design elements, outdoor amenities, and innovative materials, the workspace reflects GSK’s ethos of innovation and collaboration, setting a new standard for corporate office design.


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