Turnkey Interiors are experienced, multi-skilled and take care of all facets of the interior design process, so that you can focus on business.

Beginning with the consultation process, the Turnkey Interiors team will advise you if the space in question can be transformed or whether a new location needs to be considered.  Our experienced team of interior designers makes a point of giving you candid, practical advice, based on our decades of experience.

Our team is also able to assist in facilitating the agreement with the landlord, on your behalf, for a solution that favours all parties.  We’re here as your main contractor, taking full responsibility for the project and delivering on all requirements. We make sure that everything is produced on time, within budget and compliant with all legal requirements as per South African health and safety standards. Our skilled commercial design team will provide you with two dimensional layouts incorporating every trade item undertaken on your project – assisting with all the documentation required throughout the process enables us to avoid error or possible delay.

All the preparatory work will be addressed, including an accurate test fit space plan to ensure you get the correct sized workspace for the number of people and operational requirements of your company. In addition, Turnkey Interiors’ experienced design and manufacture teams are able to build bespoke, functional furniture providing control over costs, quality and the delivery of specialised items.

Turnkey Interiors also goes beyond the standard realm of interior design offerings to undertake the major restoration and modernisation of entire buildings and their facades – transforming buildings from residential to commercial, and industrial to offices – even creating space where none previously existed, through the design and manufacture of atriums and mezzanines. Rest assured that irrespective of whether your project is a total refurbishment, a single office relocation or a complex nationwide roll-out, all projects at Turnkey Interiors are afforded equal importance and receive the same attention to detail.

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