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We prepare and design two dimensional layouts incorporating every trade undertaken on the project, including demolition, construction, floor finishes, electrical, plumbing, wall finishes, voice and data, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, ceilings and lighting, new furniture, existing furniture and joinery. We also prepare detailed supporting documentation such as construction and manufacture shop-drawings, elevations, cross-sections and specifications for the various trades, so that all information is transferred and that all possible delays and errors are avoided. Our highly qualified team take care of the… (Read more)



Turnkey Interiors factory is able to produce a variety of inhouse custom designed elements of the highest quality, saving our clients time and money. In addition, Turnkey Interiors’ experienced design and manufacture teams are able to build bespoke, modern, attractive – yet highly practical – furniture and fittings, customised to your new environment. This option often proves to be a very effective solution providing control over costs, quality and the delivery of specialised items. From Boardroom furniture to reception counters and office furniture to full retail fitouts.


If you decide to commence your fit-out experience with us: Turnkey Interiors can facilitate the agreement between the landlord and yourselves to produce a win-win solution for all concerned.

Turnkey Interiors strives to give you candid, practical advice, based on over 16 years’ experience. We will initially advise you on whether we consider the space in question to be functional and fit-for-purpose. We will point out considerations such as layout, budget, quality of environment and so on. We will help you project an appropriate… (Read more)



Retail design should be cutting edge, fresh, exciting and at the very forefront of new design – pushing the envelope at every opportunity. At the same time we ensure that the traditional demands of a conventional retail environment are met. This includes factors such as the maximising of the relatively expensive floor space, ensuring that security considerations are not overlooked and that storage, lighting and product display solutions are suitable to the client’s brand and product offering….(Read more)


Turnkey Interiors also goes beyond the standard realm of interior offerings to undertake the major restoration and modernisation of entire buildings and their facades – transforming buildings from residential to commercial, industrial to offices – even creating space where none previously existed, through the design and manufacture of atriums and mezzanines.



Turnkey Interiors has been working outside the borders of South Africa since 2003. We have completed a large number of projects for clients ranging from retail banks, restaurants, hotels, corporate head offices, call centres to large scale retail outlets.

We have successfully designed, supplied and installed complete projects from South Africa to African countries such as Angola, Botswana, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia and Uganda. We have offered a full supply service and overseen every aspect from… (Read more)


Reassurance of responsible and accountable management
Turnkey Interiors always ensures that the documentation is complete so that all parties are protected and understand what is required of them. This is done by way of clear and concise documentation such as a detailed scope of works, a complete bill of quantities, detailed project plans, client agreements, subcontractor agreements, payment schedules and full design specification packs and sample boards.

Over the past ten years local laws pertaining to the building… (Read more)